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Aug 26

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forms of transphobia you should watch out for in your speech and thought processes

  • casual cissexism: associating genitalia/body parts with gender, statements like “god i’m such a lesbian i love vaginas” and “guys don’t understand periods at all” or anything that implies people…
Aug 26
Aug 26

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why is it that villains and not protagonists are always the ones breaking gender roles hmmmm

it’s called queercoding and it’s intentional and basically brainwashes kids into having negative associations with those traits

It’s actually…

It’s official, if I ever manage to become a successful author (lol) all my protagonists are going to be Gay As Hell

Aug 26




george takei is a gift to humanity



Aug 25


I was recently reminded by an old school friend of a book I owned and loved as an adolescent but had long forgotten about: Doctor Who and The Daleks Omnibus (1976). It is filled with spectacular artwork by the ‘General Illustration Company.’

Aug 25

7291) Recently coming out, I thought that would be my biggest hurdle. Through support, disowning, and shame, I thought I was through the worst part. But now that I’m only a few days away from publicly presenting as a woman, I am not only ecstatic to be my true self, but equally if not more terrified. What if I don’t pass? What if I’ve come this far only to hit an impassible roadblock?

Not passing is not a road block. It sucks, don’t get me wrong, but it is not the end of the world. What matters is that you are happy and comfortable in the way you present yourself to the world, fuck the opinions of the haters out there.

Aug 25




Aug 25

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Aug 25


Light & Dark Worlds (The Legend of Zelda) Reversible Skater Dress Review

Journeying through the Light and Dark Worlds can be very dangerous, so don’t go alone! Wear this dress and you’ll always find your way. The dress features an iconic print of the Light and Dark Worlds from The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past and has a trendy skater dress silhouette that’s easy to dress up or down. It’s available right now from Much Needed Merch for $39.99 and Console to Closet readers can save 10% on their orders with the code C2C10 (until August 31, 2014). 

- The Fabric -
The dress is made of 90% Polyamide fabric and 10% LYCRA and feels incredibly high quality. It’s very soft, but has a good natural weight so the bottom of the Skater dress falls beautifully. It feels comparable (maybe even softer) than the popular brand Black Milk Clothing. It’s definitely a great fabric quality for an amazing price. 

- The Design -
The Light & Dark World Reversible Skater Dress features the iconic maps of the Light & Dark Worlds and it works extremely well on a large scale. It doesn’t come across as busy or too sparse, but actually looks more like an abstract print from afar. It’s a pattern and style that you can really wear anywhere and doesn’t scream geek. 

- The Features -
I absolutely love that this dress features two prints in one. You can easily reverse the dress to show off the light or dark worlds and it opens up quite a lot of style options when wearing it. For instance, the light side is perfect for summer right now - it’s bright and colorful, whereas the dark side will be a great transitional print for fall because it’s more natural and darker.  

I totally recommend this skater dress to my gamer girls who love The Legend of Zelda. It’s a high quality, stylish dress for a great price of $39.99 (Don’t forget to use the discount code C2C10 for 10% off!). Shut up and take my rupees! 

Watch how I styled the dress below: 

Disclosure: The Light & Dark Skater Dress was provided by Much Needed Merch for Console to Closet to review


Aug 24

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imagine if there was a vibrator that vibrated to the beat of the music you were listening to.. id probably listen to skrillex all day and when the beat would drop so would i from it hitting my prostate and making my legs weak from how…

dang i want one